Organic Darjeeling First Flush - 1.6 oz

An explosively aromatic tea made from the young tea leaves of Darjeeling's first biodynamic garden. Contains Caffeine. Commonly referred to as the “Champagne of Teas”, Darjeeling First Flush is the inaugural harvest from the area’s mountainside slopes. Grown in an ecologically diverse biodynamic tea garden, these teas capture the perfume-like fragrance distinctive of teas from this region. The first flush is picked from March through April and only the new, most tender parts of the plant are plucked. These teas are withered and rolled and tend to be only partially oxidized before drying to preserve their greenish color and fresh taste. Darjeeling’s high elevation means the tea leaves are smaller and slower to grow. Therefore, producers in the area focused on defining the region by quality, and have built a tea tradition that fetches some of the highest prices in the world.