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Accept Chakra Oil

A harmonizing and centering blend. Accept helps us release heavy emotions so we can open our hearts to see the beauty in ourselves and others. (Heart Chakra, Anahata)

This scent also helps balance and harmonize our upper and lower chakras centering us in truth so we can be a clear channel for universal love and acceptance.

  • Bergamot Essential Oil: Uplifting and relaxing. Bergamot helps to release emotional pain allowing us to embrace the unknown and open our hearts.

    Jasmine Essential Oil: Calming and centering. Jasmine helps to calm our emotions restoring inner peace while awakening us to divine beauty all around.

    Benzoin Essential Oil: Soothing and warming. Benzoin helps to warm and open the heart allowing for the release of feelings of worry and sadness.

    Yarrow Essential Oil: Balancing and harmonizing. Yarrow helps to open our heart to acceptance while balancing and connecting the upper and lower chakras.