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Affirm Charkra Oil

A calming and clarifying blend Affirm helps us to see our highest truths and express ourselves clearly. (Throat Chakra, Vishuddha) 

This scent also helps to open and balance our energy centers so we can speak from a place grounded in truth and  love. 

5ml / 0.17fl oz MIRON glass bottle with vertical dropper and cap

  • Petigrain sur Fluers: Uplifting and relaxing. Petigrain sur fluers helps to calm and clear the mind so we can see and express our highest truths.

    Blue Cypress: Clearing and soothing. Blue Cypress helps to open and clear blocked channels in the body giving us the clarity to speak our truth in love.

    Tulsi (Holy basil): Expansive and clarifying. Tulsi works to balance and align all our energy centers helping us to remove doubts and connect with our inner voice so we are able to express our choices clearly.

    Rose Geranium: Calming and grounding. Rose Geranium assists with connecting us to our deepest truth helping to facilitate honest communication.