Cerra Water

Convenient for home, office or traveling. Just pour in tap or bottled water and get alkaline, antioxidant water that is 3- 6 times more absorbable and detoxifies your body. New technology uses natural Cerra-Ceramics to transform the water the way nature does it.

  • The Cerra Water Pitcher filters and ionizes your tap or bottled water turning it into mineral rich health promoting alkaline water which has antioxidant, micro clustered properties and has molecular hydrogen and healing frequencies.

    Filtration through the Cerra Anti-Oxidant cartridge changes the water that passes through it 7 different ways by:

    1. Increasing the pH of the filtered water between 8.5 and 9.5 by adding beneficial alkaline ionic minerals such as potassium, magnesium and calcium in the correct ratio & balance.

    2. Changing the oxidation/reduction potential of the water (ORP) to between -150 mV and -500 mV thus creating anti-oxidant effect.

    3. Adding molecular hydrogen H2.

    4. Reducing the size of the clusters of water molecules so that the water is more easily absorbed in the body

    5. Restructuring the shape of the water cluster into an organized hexagonal matrix. This is a more natural shape which the body can utilize for all metabolic functions..

    6. Filtering the impurities. The Cerra Water cartridge reduces heavy metals, such as lead and copper in addition to chlorine, chloramines and dissolved organics such as pesticides.

    7. Energizing the water thru Biometric Frequency Infusion Technology (BFIT) which infuses thousands of healing frequencies into the water.

    Drinking alkaline anti-oxidant water is the simplest thing that everyone can do to improve their health. Now with the Cerra Water Pitcher it is possible for everyone to have the convenience and health benefits of alkaline, anti-oxidant, hydrogen, micro clustered energized water. The Cerra Water pitcher is now the most cost effective way for people to enjoy the benefits of drinking the healthiest water in the world.

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