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Illuminate Chakra Oil

An opening and balancing blend. Illuminate helps to open up and balance our third eye allowing for clarity of thought and a stronger connection to our higher self. (Ajna, Third Eye)

This scent also helps to calm the senses so we are able to perceive things clearly and draw more easily from our intuition. 

5ml / 0.17fl oz MIRON glass bottle with vertical dropper and cap

  • Opopanax: Calming and meditative. Opopanax helps us connect to the mystical and open up to the hidden wisdom of our subconcious/higher mind.

    Pine: Purifying and clearing. Pine helps to clear and protect us from negative energy enabling us to prepare a safe place to access our intuition.

    Cistus: Restorative and centering. Cistus helps to open our third eye allowing us to connect with our intuition and the spirit realms with ease.

    Bay Laurel: Stimulating and balancing. Bay Laurel helps to connect our left brain (rational) to our right brain (creative) allowing for more heightened awareness and perception.