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Transcend Chakra Oil

An uplifting and ethereal blend. Transcend helps to elevate our consciousness and connect more freely to spirit. (Sahasrara, Crown)

This scent also helps to ground and soothe us allowing us to be grateful and at peace with the knowledge that all life is interconnected.

5ml / 0.17fl oz MIRON glass bottle with vertical dropper and cap

  • Cedarwood: Grounding and purifying. Cedarwood helps to clear negative thoughts and emotions allowing us to connect more freely to spirit.

    Myrtle: Expansive and protective. Myrtle protects and purifies the auric field while helping us access higher vibrations and connect with the divine.

    Rosemary: Uplifting and protective. Rosemary has cleansing and purifying properties and helps us remember we are sacred beings connected to all.

    Lotus: Soothing and calming. Lotus, a symbol of enlightenment, is an ethereal scent that aids in spiritual connection and elevation of consciousness.